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What happens when you somehow bring together people whose lives have criss-crossed in time and space, and leave things unrehearsed to come out on stage? Stories of releasing the slavery mindset and pursuing the epic dream emerge. Magic happens as these brave pioneers encounter each other and the audience, to share insights about what it takes to navigate the unknown. What does it feel like to be the first beauty pageant contestant who is black, and only five years old? What does it mean to produce a show in a restaurant, interviewing chefs before all the chefs had shows, working from a place of possibility even with cards stacked against you?

With Barb Dybwad and Elisa Camahort Page on the stage, we received historical lessons from early days – 2005 not that long ago! – of tech and blogging, before there was social media, and insights about what’s to come with the gig economy and the secret to happiness.

More photos and video to come. Hope to see you at the November 5th show! Early bird tickets available.