“Chew On This Storytelling” has landed in Sydney! IMG_4667

We caught up with startup advisor and entrepreneur Luke Fitzpatrick in beautiful Sydney, Australia, where it is summer. We chatted with Luke in the historic ArtHaus Hotel near the famous Queen Victoria Building. In the last few months, Luke has done what most entrepreneurs might talk about but never do: taken the leap of faith and sold every last thing (even the refrigerator!) to send his Seoul-based startup into an accelerator in Singapore. What about Luke? To extend his startup “runway” (available funds), he put himself on plane back to Sydney and into an advisor capacity. In the meantime he has shifted his efforts to other projects. As he has immersed himself in the AUS startup scene, check out Luke’s take on 8 startups from Australia that you should know about.

We’ll share Luke’s advice to early-stage startups, plus a few bonuses! Check back soon for more stories from creatives and entrepreneurs in Australia, as we round out our series on what it takes to follow your dreams around the world.