In December I received a message inviting “Chew On This Storytelling” to be in virtual reality. I said “Yes” and of course had no idea what that meant.

On Tuesday, January 12, the four of us in the line-up (Barb Dybwad, Heather Gold, Joe Klocek and myself) carpooled to the AltSpaceVR studios and arrived on time, 3 hours before show time. Why three hours? We soon found out after a brief tour of the studios and introduction to the AltSpaceVR team.


Short version of this story? It was a TRIP! Most of us had no idea what we were doing, and there were plenty of technical snafus. And yet in the end it felt like we were able to accomplish what we intended from the beginning: to connect to each other’s humanity.

Long version? I’ll retell it at an upcoming “Chew On This Storytelling”

In the meantime, enjoy as much or as little of the replay, and listen up for a chance to win audience giveaways (hint: you email us).

If you enjoy this replay, and want to experience it for yourself, please follow the link to register for the next one on Tuesday February 16 @6pm Pacific (simulcast 9pm ET/ Wed Feb 17 in Europe/Asia/Australia) – the link will show you the corresponding time in your timezone.