It was our second show in virtual reality, and the lesson was this: everyone is learning along the way, and we need some laughter and self-compassion to make it through.

There were audience members logging in, who were in virtual reality for the first time.

I began the show, unaware that many of the robot avatars zipping around were people I know in real life!

With our resident tech philosopher, Barb Dybwad, AKA doctorparadox, we explored the question of how people might interact differently in virtual reality, and Barb had this to offer: We are surprisingly the same.

Joe Klocek, career standup comedian and storyteller, shared a love story that involved a trip to mall, health issues, and romance.

When one of the avatars in the room began playing music and zipping around the room, I was suddenly reminded of how much I like to hear music and move. Although my avatar could move, thanks to the Perception Neuron suit,  I was tethered to a power station in real life. Perhaps it was intentional, perhaps not, that the music grew louder as I spoke.

Fortunately we had special guest Randy Taran, founder of Project Happiness, to remind us that gratitude is the key, the gateway to happiness.

I am truly grateful for the chance to gather with people from around the world, in the beautiful space hosted by AltSpaceVR. I am also thankful for our wonderful storytellers and team members, some of whom traveled a number of miles to join us in the studio. And last, but not least, I really appreciate everyone who came into virtual reality (and YouTube) to be part of the experience! We wouldn’t be here with you.

If you’d like to hear the stories for yourself, please take a look at the replay of our second show in VR and let us know what you enjoyed, by leaving a comment or contacting us at ChewOnThisStorytelling (at) gmail (dot) com

Please join us next month on Tuesday, March 15, as we celebrate six months since we launched “Chew On This Storytelling” and we are welcoming back Heather Badower, former VP in the music industry, now CEO and founder of Sipurb.

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