On January 23rd we had a phenomenal line-up, with stories from author Ron Arons, actor/producer Cassidy Jamahl Brown, entrepreneur Edward Jonathans and author S.G. Browne. Through stories and interviews we got their take on re-invention of the best kind. We heard from Ron about his journey to discover his family roots led to a career as a genealogist and writer, fueled by tracking down his great-grandfather, a con artist. Cassidy stood in the face of man who preached hate, and found where his own discomfort came from in the moments of choosing whether to walk away, or to stand up to it, and how to do that without reflecting hate in return (hint: there’s a recipe for it!). Edward shared about overcoming childhood trauma and how he came to be at an accelerator for people with a criminal history, and the role faith has played in his journey. S.G. (Scott) Browne gave us ideas for solving world problems (“If everyone could just learn to MERGE…”), and shared the steps to believing in yourself when staring at the blank page. We also had our wonderful sponsors, many on site with us that day. We gave away prizes and discounts worth about $1000 from Epic Coffee, The Writing Pad, Archetypal Musings, and more (coffee, writing workshop from NY Times and other wonderful teachers, all-natural body products, co-working space, startup consultation). Our audience got to meet Jeff and Marilyn from The Writing Pad, Dave from Epic Coffee, Pamela from Archetypal Musings, and discover how their offerings inspire others to create their own reality. We look forward to bringing these stories to you more fully when the videos are ready.

In the meantime, enjoy our latest “Chew On This Storytelling” in Virtual Reality, from February 16 with special guest Randy Taran, founder of Project Happiness, along with comedian Joe Klocek and tech philosopher, Barb Dybwad. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment here, or emailing us: ChewOnThisStorytelling (at) gmail (dot) com  Thanks!