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A friend suggested that I tell people all the reasons why they might want to be in virtual reality. The truth is that I want more human connection, not less. I want people to look at sunsets, to smell the flowers, to hear the rain.

That said, if you are going to enjoy virtual reality, NOW is the time! It feels free because it is literally FREE. Free to download software, free to choose the experience, free to try it out without any advertisers in the space. Google, Zuck and everyone else is working on how to monetize it. Yes, soon it may be a place to blink your eyes and purchase the furniture or clothing or whatever you see in the space. But for now, you can move around freely, learn to teleport, and meet people from around the world.

While it is this way, I am bringing in dynamic people to share stories about what they are doing in the world as they pursue their dreams. We’ve had special guest Randy Taran, founder of Project Happiness. On March 15th I’ll be joined by Heather Badower, former VP in the music industry, as we revisit what it has been like in the past 6 months since she launched her social wine review startup, Sipurb, on the day that Chew On This Storytelling debuted!

Register for our March 15 event with Heather Badower hosted through AltSpaceVR HERE. Allow time and check the technical specifications if you want to try the software, and have your avatar interact with us. Otherwise, select the “Spectator” mode and you’ll be provided with the YouTube link. Follow our Twitter feed @ChewOnThisStory and we’ll take questions for Heather there as well!

On April 19th, join us for special guest Rachel Payne, CEO of FEM Inc., who has taken her experience in global strategic alliances with companies like Disney, and partnered with leading neuroscientists to develop an engaging platform for audiences.

In May and June, we will bring voices from the world of performing arts, business storytelling and social entrepreneurship. Check our Events page for updates!