Opening doors and building communities is the theme for the 7th Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES2016). On Friday, President Obama will step onto the stage for a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg and others, to discuss the Tech Inclusion pledge by over 30 businesses, to create a workforce that represents the American population. President Obama will also chat on Facebook Live, as well as engage via portal (see above photo) with 4 entrepreneurs at locations around the world.
With over 17,000 entrepreneurs impacted over the last 7 years, watch for more details about domestic program  “Startup in a Day” – efforts to allow a founder to get through the licensing and permitting process in twenty-four hours.

While metrics such as access to capital may be the main measures of success, perhaps the stories of greater connectivity between entrepreneurs from countries on different continents are the real benefit of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

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