We are so grateful for our special guests from last night: Elisa Camahort Page (Co-founder of BlogHer), Christine Arylo (author and spiritual catalyst) and Shiloh Sophia (artist and UN Speaker)! Each one brought her own take on our theme of “CONNECTION” and in fact, there were many connections we discovered just before the show. One was that our friend and AltSpaceVR Community Manger, Lisa Kotecki, independently knew each of them. Another was that the new AltSpaceVR office was in the same location as the original BlogHer office!

We had Elisa’s take on community, taking action locally, and what it means to be an introvert or extrovert; Christine’s recommendation for how to get through turbulent times (hint: go spend time in Nature); and Shiloh’s invitation to think about your dream, and how to make space for a new possibility in your life.

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Next show in Virtual Reality: January 17, 2017!