Watch the replay: 22 Sep Chew On This Storytelling in VR at High Fidelity

Thanks to High Fidelity for having us for our TWO year anniversary show! Since our first show, at a cafe in Oakland, we’ve taken it on the road, around the Bay Area, down to LA, across the Pacific to Australia, over to NYC, then to the University of Pittsburgh, and now in our second social VR platform in as many years. A HUGE thanks to everyone who has been on this journey with us!

We enjoyed having special guests Ashel Seasunz, founder of HipHop Is Green, and Victor Sandifer, founder of Run the World Clothing. It is wonderful to hear how they invite stories to be shared, through design of fashion, and through music and education. It is incredible to see how they are impacting the world around them with visions of great things ahead.

For more about Ashel and HipHop is Green, please visit Lyft Rapper (formerly UberRapper) or find him on instagram @ashelseasunz or facebook as Ashel Seasunz Eldridge.

For more about Victor and Run the World Clothing, please visit Run the World Clothing and also SAVE THE DATE: November 3 Bay Area join the next Run the World Clothing fashion show.