Chew On This Storytelling is where storytelling meets life hacking. Storytellers share a problem they faced, and how they solved it, in order to make the world a better place. The interview portion (“around the kitchen table”) allows special guests to share insights and wisdom into learnings as they have explored different journeys as entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers, executives, musicians, and other avenues. These stories help to nourish the creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our sponsors have been carefully selected. Whether food, meditation, or app design, our sponsors goods and services help to support our audience members in making their dreams a reality.

This is a companion storytelling series to the Chew on This podcast, a show about practical ways to make the world a better place, right where you live.

Cici Woo met Lisa Rothman, the original creator of the Chew On This podcast, when Lisa was looking for someone to take over the podcast. Cici said Yes, and… decided to add a storytelling series as well!

Cici Woo now produces both, and Lisa Rothman remains on as series consultant for the radio podcast.

To see more about Cici’s story, check out her talk at Ignite!

Cici is joined by an amazing team of talented individuals, each contributing their talents to help make this series a successful live event, as well as the first storytelling series in Virtual Reality!

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