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Sept 6 Special Guest Kristina Wong!



Please join us on Tuesday, September 6th for a very special evening to celebrate the first anniversary of “Chew On This Storytelling” as we honor the stories from our community. We are excited to share that Kristina Wong (“Wong Street Journal”) will be with us!



Kristina Wong was recently featured in the New York Times’ Off Color series“highlighting artists of color who use humor to make smart social statements about the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious ways that race plays out in America today.” She is a performance artist, comedian and writer who has created five solo shows and one ensemble play that have toured throughout the United States and UK.  Her most notable touring show– “Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” looked at the high rates of depression and suicide among Asian American women and toured to over 40 venues since 2006. It’s now a broadcast quality film distributed by documentary juggernaut, Cinema Libre Studios. (More at

We’ll have more surprises to share, and hope you’ll be there with us to celebrate!

Tickets available for the September 6th Show at The Marsh in Berkeley.


Sept 6th Anniversary Show!

We’re celebrating our first year as a show! Join us for an evening of music, stories and surprises! We will honor the storytellers and special guests from our first year, plus share a vision for the year ahead. Audience members will have a chance to win prizes, and find out more ways to be part of the Chew On This Storytelling community. We connect people across the creative and entrepreneurial communities.

Join the fun! Tickets available for the September 6th Show

August 16 Show with Co-Founders of SoulShoppe, ScootyBees and GROW


Chew On This Storytelling had the honor of hosting three wonderful guests: vicki abadesco! Co-Founder and Director of SoulShoppe; Mike DeMaria, Co-Founder of GROW; and Carey Fan, Co-Founder of ScootyBees.

We were very lucky to have the team at AltSpaceVR supporting the show as we were the first of three featured events.

From vicki! we learned that SoulShoppe uses storytelling to engage elementary school children who may have been experiencing bullying behavior. As SoulShoppe enters its 17th year, the work is also being used to help children in refugee camps in Amsterdam. 

We also featured two entrepreneurs from Babson College:

Carey Fan of ScootyBees, a new transportation solution for children, shared how to bring an idea to fruition, and his plans for ScootyBees in the near future. 

Mike DeMaria of new fintech startup GROW gave us an idea of how sustainable investments appeal, who one of his company’s greatest supporters is (Mike says they were “very lucky”) and why millenials are downloading the GROW app.

We enjoyed the questions from our global audience. If you have questions after watching, please feel free to contact us via email: ChewOnThisStorytelling (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll get you in touch with the right person. 

Please enjoy the replay of our August 16 VR Show

Join us in Berkeley at The Marsh on Tuesday, September 6th for our 1st Anniversary Show! 

Creating a Path to Peace


REGISTER TODAY for our August 16 VR SHOW

Please join us on Tuesday, August 16 @ 4p PDT (9p EDT; 17Aug Sydney) in Virtual Reality via AltSpaceVR to meet our three guests: vicki abadesco! of SoulShoppe, Carey Fan of ScootyBees, and Mike DeMaria of new #fintech GROW. Find out how they help to create a world in which children have a path to peace, safe and reliable transportation, and investments reflect personal values.

More about our guests:

vicki abadesco! of Soul Shoppe

As the Co-Founder of Soul Shoppe, vicki! brings 30 years of experience as an educator teaching life skills and conflict resolution tools to young people and adults. vicki! is known for creating fun and safe environments where everyone is free to be. She is a fellow for the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT, author of “Free to Be,” “Leadership: Truth or Dare” and “Mentor Magic” activity cards, and co-author of “Cool Tools for Schools” an interactive curricula guide for teachers. Discover more at

Mike DeMaria of GROW
Mike started his career as a financial analyst at Mallery & DeMaria, PC. He then went on to work in the wealth management division of Northwestern Mutual Investment Services in San Francisco, CA. Mike currently is director of proprietary derivatives trading at Carmel River Capital. He advises, incubates, and invests in consumer mobile technology in San Francisco and cofounded Grow. Mike has an undergraduate degree in Economics from Santa Clara University and an MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship from Babson College. Learn more about GROW on their Facebook page:


Carey Fan of ScootyBees

Carey is Chief Beekeeper of Scootybees, an early stage ride-sharing start-up dedicated to helping busy parents get their school-aged kids to their before or after school activities. As a serial entrepreneur, Carey brings nearly two decades of experience in vehicle location, telematics and transportation logistics. Find out more at

August 2 – “Surprise”

What happens when life brings you surprises? 

Join us Tuesday, August 2!

Tickets ($10-15) available for the August 2nd Show at The Marsh in Berkeley

We have local storytellers Elizabeth Beier and Gary Pinsky sharing surprises from their lives, plus a reveal from musician Lisa Marie Johnston about how she came up with one of her most popular songs. We’ll also chat with pianist Larry Steelman about giving the first piano performance in virtual reality. We’re celebrating a birthday, and bringing in fun with a surprise group for improv storytelling with entrepreneurs! 

First Piano Performance in VR and a Glimpse of the Future


Thank you, Larry Steelman, Barb Dybwad and Jory Des Jardins, for making VR history!

We enjoyed an improv composition from Larry Steelman, for the first ever piano performance in VR. Larry and the AltSpaceVR team collaborated in the final moments to bring through an incredible experience of live music in VR.

Barb Dybwad shared insights from over a decade of tech blogging, plus thoughts on the potential of virtual reality for community building.

Jory Des Jardins provided a great perspective on how things begin, and revealed the secret of what really happens after a successful exit!

Please enjoy the replay of the July 19th Chew On This Storytelling in VR.

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Growth Scales: First Piano Performance in VR and Scale Collective Advisor



Register to join us on July 19th in VR!

On Tuesday, July 19 we are thrilled to welcome startup advisor and tech evangelist Jory Des Jardins and pianist Larry Steelman for the first piano performance in virtual reality!

The wonderful team at AltSpaceVR is preparing the space for us to have a dynamic evening, with an interview with Jory Des Jardins, and a first-ever piano performance by Larry Steelman. Our audience will have an opportunity to ask questions (capacity is limited).

Jory Des Jardins co-founded and sold BlogHer, a venture backed, category-defining women’s digital lifestyle company that enables premium digital publishers to grow their platforms and monetize their content. Today she advises startups and evangelizes emerging tech that will revolutionize digital media.

Jory is a tireless crusader for women entrepreneurs and business leaders, sharing her personal growth story, contacts, and insights learned from 10 years of growth hacking, digital community building, strategy development and fundraising. Under her advisory, Virago, she and partner Stephanie Agresta will be hosting the first Scale Collective event, for female startup founders, investors, and partners, in October in New York City.

Larry Steelman is a composer / musician originally from Texas. Graduating from North Texas State in 1978, he moved to Los Angeles to start a career. There, he worked with such artists as Johnny Mathis, Natalie Cole, Mick Jagger, Willie Bobo, and Dizzy Gillespie to name a few. He also was the Department Head of Keyboards at Musicians Institute in Hollywood for 10 years.
Since moving to the Bay Area in 2000, he has composed a large number of inspirational choral works with band and singer. He continues to express new thoughts in his musical work.

Please join us from your computer at AltSpaceVR, a new social platform for virtual reality.

You can join us in the virtual reality space by downloading the AltSpaceVR software, or watch the YouTube simulcast.

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Join us for this historic musical event!

Register to join us on July 19th in VR.

Over $500M Capital Investment for Entrepreneur Ecosystems 

One of the promises of GES2016 is to provide access to capital for entrepreneurs. Today’s announcements by representatives of Village Capital, Blackstone, International Finance Corporation, Capria Ventures and KIND Foundation totaled over $600M in investments for the entrepreneur ecosystem. These include a new $100M fund for indigenous impact fund managers. 

KIND Foundation has partnered with Venture for America, and will be offering an entrepreneur event on November 10. To find out more, please visit the link Nov 10 Entrepreneur Day.

With no questions from the audience, the State Department representative closed with a look ahead to prosperity dividends… and dignity dividends.

June 21 Chew On This Storytelling @AltSpaceVR

FullSizeRender 41

Thanks again to our wonderful guests: Dr. Elisa Quintana, Lynda Nguyen, Penny Lorber and Todd Jason; our hosts at AltSpaceVR and our incredible global audience!

Please enjoy the June 21 replay:

Join us on July 19th with a special performance (hint: music!) and Jory Des Jardins, BlogHer cofounder. Registration will be available soon HERE

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